CUT partners with Hurungwe Arts for Intangible Culture Heritage

By Nhau Mangirazi

KAROI– Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) has partnered with Hurungwe Arts Festival for Intangible Culture Heritage as part of the preservation of traditional values.

United Nations Educational, Scientific
and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has its country offices at CUT within the
provincial capital and coordinated by Professor Herbert Chimhundu.

He called for an ‘all-inclusive approach’ by stakeholders including traditional leaders, policymakers, youths among others.

Prof Chimhundu said Hurungwe project is part of three projects by CUT funded by UNESCO Intangible Culture Heritage program.

He called on communities to tell their ‘own stories’ as part of intangible cultural heritage project.

‘This is part of Southern Africa intangible cultural heritage as we have covered Pupu Shangani in Lupane as well as Gaza Trust in Chiredzi.

‘In Pupu-Shangani area, we discovered untold stories that gave birth to natural heritage and cultural diversity of anthills. Through these researches, communities have benefited through a monument at Pupu by National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe as well as a track wagon from Shangani river. It was through local people’s input that the cultural centre is now part of the society that could have been neglected if we had not worked closely with local people there. We hope to work closely with traditional leaders, policymakers and other stakeholders to explore Hurungwe in its fountain of cultural importance,’ said Chimhundu.

The project is run under ‘Inventorying Oral Tradition, Expressions,
Local Knowledge and the Practises of the Kore-Kore in Hurungwe district
is set to kick-start soon and end in 2021.

Prof Chimhundu said they will work with traditional Chiefs who will be part community leaders that will help with information gathering.

‘The traditional leaders are cornerstone
of cultural defence and helpful in advancing intangible cultural heritage for
the future generations,’ added Chimhundu.

Some traditional leaders including Chief
Joseph Mudzimu said there is need to close the ‘missing gaps’ of how some
stories have been told of late.

‘Traditionally, it is vital to close the
missing gaps with factual historical background of any community. We hope that
this launch will deliver the best of what Hurungwe has in cultural
experiences,’ Mudzimu said.

National arts deputy director Charity
Mauswa said the patronship between CUT and HAF will promote, consolidate and
safeguard cultural heritage for future generations.

‘Intangible Culture Heritage will  help to impart skills focusing for the future,’ she said.

HAF director Joel Zilala they are making
strides by to in cooperate culture heritage.

‘We are humbled that CUT has seen HAF as
a launch pad for historical development that will assist our communities. We
have some places that can only be international resources for researches for
historians and policymakers’

Hurungwe Arts Festival is an annual
event that hosts drama, artists, musicians, poets that aims at promoting
culture and arts within Mashonaland West.