Electrification of rural schools to speed up ICT development,education

By Sukuoluhle  Ndlovu

MASVINGO – Progress has been made in Masvingo for rural schools to be electrified so that information communication technology (ICT) is easily facilitated by the different service providers in order to improve the quality of education as well.

Schools in the rural areas are being negatively affected by not having electricity thus slowing down the implementation of ICT in the schools.

According to Masvingo Provincial Education Director, Zedious Chitiga some  schools are progressing well towards being electrified.

“Zimbabwe Electrification Rural Agency (ZERA) is working hard to have the schools electrified.Although things are not well for the country economically they are trying their best. The schools too are making sure they tube their schools so that it becomes easy for them to be electrified. So now the schools that are progressing well are those that pay connection fees.

“Then this now depends with the schools whether they do want to push for electrical installation or not. But so far there is progress in the province and we are yet to announce the schools that have made developments in terms of tubing and payment of connection fees.

Chitiga added that the Ministry is also doing all they can to help struggling schools.

“As the Ministry we are doing all we can to make sure the rural schools are electrified, to curb the challenge of electricity so that we expedite the progress of ICT in the rural areas though there are other schools that do already have internet, electricity and computers,” said Chitiga.

He added that the challenges have led to a gap between the rural and the urban schools even though some other rural schools are way better off than other schools in the urban areas. Electricity is the way to go for rural schools as we try to industrialise.We need the energy for ICT to be a reality in these schools.

Chitiga said that all rural schools can make ICT a reality; it only depends on what they prioritise as a school.So installing electricity is the way to go for most schools.