Gweru teenager carves niche in music industry

By Stephen Chadenga
When 17 year old Gweru born upcoming artist, Leona Lilie did a cover song by the late reggae icon, Bob Marley titled, Zimbabwe, last month, little did she know that the tune would not only trend on social media platforms but find airplay on radio stations in Jamaica.
Lilie, born Leona Furusa performed Marley’s piece with a melodious voice that would leave many reggae queens with envy.
The teenage artist did not end there. Locally she did another cover version of a duet by zimdancehall musician, Tocky Vibes and urban grooves crooner, XQ, Wakatemba. That re-performance is also trending.
She did not stop there. She did a collaboration did of a song, He Knows, with famous Joyous Celebration singer, Andiswa Mbantsa.
Lilie said she is currently working on her own piece, not a cover this time, titled Ntombi.
“I’m excited about my single song, Ntombi, which will be coming out with a video soon,”she told Radiovop.
Added the promising artist: “l started my career (in music) when I was in form three.

“I also performed in the local national Star Brite competitions where l shined. I got inspiration from my brother and music sponsor, Gerry King, who once said to me, ‘If you don’t give up and work hard, you will live where others dream.”
King is a local prophet with Gerry King Ministries, who has helped many upcoming artists through his music stable, Gerry King Music.
Lilie also added that she was also in the safe hands of one of the “best” local music producers, Puro di Best.
King said he was committed to help Lilie as  well as other “young and gifted artists to shine to international levels.”