About RadioVop Zimbabwe

About RadioVop Zimbabwe
Who we are:

Established in 2000, VOP was registered in Zimbabwe in May 2002 as Radio Voice of the People Communications Trust. All board members are Zimbabweans with vast experience in broadcasting, newspaper journalism, publishing, legal and business backgrounds, committed to see plurality and development in the electronic and print media. Management and staff also comprise highly experienced and professional broadcasters and journalists who value and respect journalism ethics in their programming and writing.

Radio VOP programmes are currently broadcast on Short Wave via Radio Netherlands Worldwide since airwaves in Zimbabwe are not fully opened up to private players. News is also available on the 24 hour website: www.radiovop.com. Radio VOP is supported by various donors in and outside Zimbabwe who however do not interfere in editorial policy matters.

Having survived severe bombing of offices, arrests of trustees and staff members, followed by an extended court case, Radio VOP has shown its total commitment towards supporting the opening up of the airwaves in Zimbabwe by applying for an FM radio licence in 2005, 2011 and 2012 as VoxMedia Productions Private Limited. The 2005 and 2011 applications were not successful. Radio VOP has since filed a court application to contest the denial of a national commercial radio licence by the issuing authority, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe(BAZ). Radio VOP is also awaiting the outcome of its 2012 application for a commercial radio licence for Harare.

Our values:
• People-centeredness
• Editorial independence
• Ethical and Professional standards
• Good Governance within the organization
• Gender Sensitivity
• Accountability
• Commitment
• Patriotism

We broadcast a one–hour long radio programmes  8.00pm-9.00pm everyday on Short Wave on 9345KHz in Shona, Ndebele and English. We also run a popular 24 hour news website www.radiovop.com

Our vision
A Zimbabwe that respects the right to information and enables citizens to freely exchange knowledge and ideas so as to make informed choices.

Our mission
VOP promotes political, economic, social and cultural development in Zimbabwe through broadcasting, online and other multi-media platforms.

Our goal
To be the first choice radio station for informed opinion in Zimbabwe.

Our Award
One World Media International Award-presented in June 2006 in London, United Kingdom for excellence in promoting human rights and freedom of expression in a repressive media environment.

Radio VOP Programme Schedule
8.00pm-9.00pm on 9345 kHz Short Wave everyday - Vanhu vari kutaura/ Abantu bayakhuluma / The People are talking. (Morning Edition)- a news and current affairs magazine programme in Shona, Ndebele and English covering politics, the economy and social life in Zimbabwe.

RadioVOP subscribes to a Code of Conduct that promotes truthful, accurate, fair and balanced news reporting. If we do not meet these standards register your complaints with the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe on 04-708035/ 0772 125 659 or No 38 Harvey Brown Ave, Milton Park , Harare email:info@vmcz.co.zw or director@vmcz.co.z

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