Incoming Byo councillors warned against corruption

By Dumisani Nyoni   BULAWAYO—Bulawayo residents have warned the incoming councillors to stay away from corrupt activities, lest they would be kicked out of the local authority. The ... Full story

Epworth Residents Yearn For Internet Freedoms

By Tafadzwa  Muranganwa EPWORTH-A cross-section of residents in semi-rural Epworth residents who participated at a workshop by Radio VOP  on Friday  revealed  their desires of ... Full story

Cabinet Headache For ED As He Plots Tough Balancing Act

By Amos Maseko BARRING a miracle that could see the Constitutional Court reversing his electoral victory over alleged poll irregularities, Zimbabwe’s president-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa looks set ... Full story

P J Powers dates Vic Falls

Bonani Muleya VICTORIA FALLS-SENSATIONAL South African music legend, PJ Powers will next month make a long trip for a show in Victoria Falls to raise funds ... Full story

Internet craze gives rise to online TV in Epworth

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa   HARARE-The internet craze in Zimbabwe has seen the emerging of enterprising young people creating content on popular sites like You Tube.   One such  example ... Full story

African liberation movements have betrayed the struggle,turning into replicas of oppressors

By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Once upon a time, African liberation movements were the only hope for the oppressed majority - who were denied a voice and ... Full story

Hwange Local Board councillors race for top post

By Bonani Muleya HWANGE-Residents here voted for council candidates of their choice and now the councillors elect are literally at each others’ throats for the ... Full story

Chamisa is a G40 project, says MRP party

By Dumisani Nyoni BULAWAYO—THE fact that President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa was outpolled by his legislators at almost all polling stations indicates that a deadly bhora musango campaign ... Full story

Mountainous terrain affects radio,TV, phone/Internet signals in Nyanga North

By Kenneth Matimaire NYANGA - The mountainous terrain of the eastern border province has become an obstacle for radio, television and mobile phone reception in ... Full story

Ex MDC-T mayor Chipo Mlotshwa wins Chinhoyi ward

By Nhau Mangirazi ALASKA- Former Movement for Democratic Change Mayor Chipo Mlotshwa defeated outgoing mayor and Zanu PF candidate Test Michaels during last month general ... Full story

Zanu PF completely shut out of Mutare urban

By Kenneth Matimaire MUTARE - Zanu PF failed to clinch a single ward in Mutare urban local government polls as they went in favour of ... Full story

Mixed Reactions Over MDC Alliance’s Procrastination on Poll Challenge

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa HARARE-There are mixed feelings growing among  citizens of Zimbabwe on the poll challenge delay by the opposition leader Nelson Chamisa ’s lawyers. Contrary to ... Full story

Poll Fraud: Opposition Parties Leave MDC To Fight It Alone

By Amos Maseko ZIMBABWE’S broader opposition has abandoned the struggle for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe on the MDC Alliance with some openly endorsing the ... Full story

Zanu PF Losing Bigwigs' Political Lives Now In ED’s hands

By Amos Maseko ZANU PF top politicians Patrick Chinamasa, Chris Mutsvangwa and July Moyo’s defeats in the July 30 elections have placed President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa in ... Full story

Create an enabling environment, incoming Zim Govt told

By Dumisani Nyoni BULAWAYO—The Bulawayo business community has urged the incoming government to hit the ground running by creating an enabling environment that will promote businesses ... Full story

Outgoing Masvingo mayor Fidze leaves office head raised high

By Upenyu Chaota MASVINGO— History will judge him as the greatest communicator of all time, the man who demystified the mayoral post through continuous social ... Full story

WhatsApp Installation Provides Lifeline to Unemployed Youths

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa HARARE- ‘Enterprising’ unemployed youths in Zimbabwe   are   living off installing WhatsApp  on people’s mobile phones for a fee. AtHarare’s   busy streets ... Full story

Khupe happy at position 3 as she confirms poll rigging

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa HARARE-One of the 2018 presidential candidates inthe just ended controversial elections  Dr  Thokozani   Khupe has registered her gratitude for assuming the third ... Full story

Selection of Byo mayor divides citizens

By Dumisani Nyoni BULAWAYO--A storm over the selection of the Bulawayo’s new mayor has risen in the city, with some local activists saying the candidates were ... Full story

Woman back in Masvingo council after five years of male domination

Clever TaperamoyoMASVINGO – The MDC Alliance has retained the majority of councillors in the city, with one woman being elected back into the council.The city ... Full story

Celebrate ED victory- Masvingo Zanu PF leadership orders docile supporters

By Upenyu Chaota MASVINGO—Since the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) declared Zanu PF’s presidential candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa as the President elect, there has been a deafening ... Full story

Mnangagwa performs worse than Mugabe in election - people reject 'new dispensation'?

By Tendai Ruben Mbofana As the dispute over the recent Zimbabwe harmonized election results rages on - with the opposition MDC Alliance contemplating legal recourse - ... Full story

More arrests as Zim authorities intensify crackdownon opposition

HARARE-ZIMBABWEAN authorities have intensified their crackdown on opposition political party supporters after arresting more people following protests staged in Harare after the announcement of results ... Full story

Khupe to Begin 2023 Election Preparation This September

By Amos Maseko MDC-T president Thokozani Khupe is set to begin preparations for the 2023 elections this September as the breakaway group looks for answers on ... Full story

Alleged Poll Fraud: MDC Alliance Confronted By Narrow Options

By Amos Maseko THE opposition MDC Alliance is confronted with ever narrowing options in its ambitious bid to seek the overturn of the July 30 elections ... Full story

Chamisa, Khupe Usher Ex-Rivals Into Parly, Shut Own Selves Out

By Amos Maseko FORMER MDC-T co-vice presidents and now faction leaders Nelson Chamisa and Thokozani Khupe’s decisions to contest for presidency, albeit on a losing cause, ... Full story

'Zim's opposition calls vote result 'fraudulant' in tense aftermath

By Jeffrey Moyo HARARE, Zimbabwe — Presidential election results showing that the man who ousted Robert Mugabe in a coup last year in Zimbabwe had won ... Full story

Zim authorities charge 21 people with public violence over ZEC protest

Staff Writer HARARE-ZIMBABWEAN authorities on Thursday 02 August 2018 charged 21 people with committing public violence following protests staged in Harare after the announcement of results ... Full story

Bulawayo in shattered dreams after poll result

By Dumisani Nyoni BULAWAYO—The atmosphere in Bulawayo on Friday was gloomy and sombre after ZANU-PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa had emerged a winner for the 2018 presidential ... Full story

Fear,uncertainty and high spirits grip ruling party stronghold Mash Central

By Daniel Makamba BINDURA-Zimbabwe is currently at political crossroads as mixed reactions abound among different groups with the majority in a dilemma for an exact ... Full story

Zanu PF on a paradigm shift says Manicaland leadership

By Kenneth Matimaire MUTARE - Zanu PF Manicaland provincial party chairperson Mike Madiro said the ruling party will break away from its past after the ... Full story

Youths hopes dampened by Mnangagwa victory

Bonani Muleya VICTORIA FALLS-YOUTHS and businesses in Matabeleland North share the same feelings about the outcome of the presidential election which they have likened to a ... Full story

Zimbabwe On A Knife Edge After Mnangagwa Declared Poll Winner

By Amos Maseko FEAR and uncertainty now grips the country following the declaration of incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa as winner of the 2018 elections, the first ... Full story

Assisted voters assisted other voters in Nyanga North polls

By Kenneth Matimaire NYANGA- A high number of assisted voters were recorded in Nyanga North constituency situated in the eastern border province. The most glaring ... Full story

Vic.Falls,Hwange MDC Alliance winners spare celebrations for Chamisa victory

By Bonani Muleya VICTORIA FALLS-MDC Alliance supporters in Hwange and Victoria Falls remained calm despite their party defeating rival Zanu-PF. Those spoken to said real ... Full story

Police take aim at Chamisa, Biti in search of weapons

Staff Reporter HARARE-ZIMBABWEAN authorities have obtained a search warrant authorising them to search for grenades, stones, unlicensed firearms, ammunition, computers, computer accessories and some subversive material ... Full story

MDC Alliance stunned in Masvingo as supporters speak on poor results

By Upenyu Chaota MASVINGO— Many thought that the crowds pulled by the MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa at his rallies would directly translate into ... Full story

Hwange face saver for Khupe excites young winner

Bonani Muleya HWANGE-The MDC-T led by Dr Thokozani Khupe got a face saver after its Hwange Rural District Council Ward 3 candidate narrowly won the ... Full story

Bias,fake news, poll result delays and anxiety shoot up social media frenzy

By  Tafadzwa Muranganwa HARARE-The aftermath of the voting day Monday saw   social media awash with incomplete election outcomes, outright fake news and hair-raising images ... Full story

Zim Polls Turn More Divisive Than Coup As 3 Die In Post-Electoral Violence

By Amos Maseko SOON after the November ouster of President Robert Mugabe, someone remarked jokingly, “Zimbabwean elections often see people die, but the coup seems peaceful. ... Full story

Violence Erupts as MDC Alliance Protesters Call Election a Sham

By Jeffrey Moyo HARARE, — Protests in the  capital turned violent on Wednesday as demonstrators called the country’s elections a sham and armed soldiers swept ... Full story

RESULT UPDATE: Zanu PF leads with 109 seats as MDC Alliance gets 41

By Amos Maseko ZANU PF has taken an emphatic lead over arch-rival MDC Alliance with results announced at 3 am Wednesday showing it had garnered 109 ... Full story