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Are We Valuing Death More than Life in Zimbabwe?

By Takura Zhangazha*

In some regular conversations with a colleague discussing the state of the national economy, we make mention of one of the striking ironies that one of our country’s most successful companies  (at least visibly) is a funeral services one.  And so is its marketing (yes, it has the audacity to sponsor football teams). 

And that is not a bad thing in itself.  Its just ironic.

It regular brings me to my own personal reflections on how we, Zimbabwe's, perceive of life and death.  Not in the religious sense.  But just what we value more. 

I once attended a meeting a while back where there was a discussion about workers welfare.  This had been spurred on by the sad fact one of the workers had passed away and there had been difficulties laying to rest because he hadn’t had funeral insurance.

So it was sort of a

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