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Zimbabwe In Make-or-Break Moment

By Dr Patson Dzamara

Since its formation, in 1980, Zimbabwe has never seen such low moments. It is remarkable, given that we have hogged the bottom of the barrel from inception.

Because of Zanu PF’s mismanagement, Zimbabwe is hobbling on its feeble knees while rapidly drifting towards total collapse. Everything in Zimbabwe is pointing towards the fact that the centre can no-longer hold.

For a country embattled by so much, one would assume that the problems lie in some sophisticated symphony of intricacies, nay, Zimbabwe suffers from a political crisis. It is that crisis that is key to solving whatever malaise follows.

A panoramic view of the status quo

1. Zanu PF

From the time of its formation in 1963, Zanu PF has gone through various phases. For some strange reasons, it has managed to weather all the storms encountered along the way.

However and in

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