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Zimbabwe’s Babies Warning South Africa About State Capture

By Melanie Verwoerd

Last week the Mugabes made headlines again. It was reported that President Robert Mugabe took 72 people with him to New York and while he was falling asleep at the UN, they spent a staggering $1500 per person per day for the 10 days that they were there. 

In case you were wondering, that adds up to over a million dollars, or more than R14m for the trip. 

Of course the Mugabes’ lavish lifestyle is fairly old news by now. Last year first lady Grace Mugabe was reported to have bought a R58m house in Harare. Then we found out that she also acquired a R500 000 per month abode in Dubai not far from the Gupta-paid-for palace of the Zumas. 

Recently, after the Mugabe boys were evicted from their luxurious Sandton apartment for “inappropriate behaviour”, it was reported that she bought

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