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Has Mugabe Reduced All Of Us Into A Village Of Fools?

By Patson Dzamara

In Zimbabwe, everyone is an expert, everyone is an analyst, everyone has a strategy, everyone has a valid opinion, everyone is educated, everyone has an organisation, everyone is everything and on top of that there are over 50 registered opposition political parties. 

However, it is mind boggling that for 36 years one man together with his legion of equally morbid and clueless minions have been urinating on the heads Zimbabweans. A village of fools?

Zimbabwe was once the bread basket of Southern Africa. It has the best arable land in all of Africa. Zimbabwe is extremely rich in natural resources; it has plenty of minerals including diamonds, platinum and gold.

Its fauna and flora is second to none in Africa. Zimbabwe is the most literate nation in Africa, with an adult literacy rate of 90%. It was once the most industrialised and developed nation in Africa. Zimbabwe's infrastructure, inherited from its colonial masters was among the best in Africa. 

But how has this great nation plummeted to these shocking levels of stagnation, retrogression, failure and hopelessness?

The truth of the matter is that Zimbabwe’s problems are deeply entrenched in ZANU PF’s leadership failure and inadequacies. Our problems

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