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Irresponsibility-Betrays the Zimbabwean Constitution

By Andrew Masuku

Strange things continue to happen in Zimbabwe, where many people assume that there is dawn of a new era. All wrongs are piled on former President Mugabe and his wife, Grace. Yet the country’s problems are simply a manifestation of irresponsibility, on the part of ordinary citizens. The unheeded irresponsibility has bedevilled the country since independence.

While Mugabe has his share of failures, as having superintended over a failed state, he is not solely responsible for the existent confusion. Mugabe may have simply taken advantage of the confusion, for selfish reasons. But the Zimbabwean people are generally the ones carrying most blame. Until they become willing to take responsibility, the symptoms will continue unabated.

Recently, we saw overwhelming celebrations, when the army, seemingly liberated Zimbabweans from Mugabe’s dictatorship? The army became heroes of the people. But this is the same army, which Mugabe took advantage of—denying the MDC take-over after winning elections in 2000 and 2008?

 All this happened, despite the best legal minds in the opposition camp. Independent observers saw an opposition that assumed wisdom in acquiescing to the misbehaviour of the army. It would have been a different story, had the MDC resolutely challenged the

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