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Emmerson Mnangagwa: A Worse Than Mugabe Is Here

By Fortune N. Mlalazi

When the November 2017 coup was conducted by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, a frenzy gripped the Zimbabweans as they celebrated the fall of 37 years of Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship. Sadly the excitement was short lived. Zimbabweans are now faced with a more younger, energetic and dangerous dictator than Mugabe.  In St Mthews Gospel of the Holy Bible chapter 12 verse 41-42 Jesus speaking of Himself says, “A greater than Jonas is here...a great than Solomon is here.” This write up will prove to the reader that if not handled well, the 2018 elections will birth and breed the worst misery that the country has ever experienced since Independence. A worse than Mugabe is here!

The Bloody Coup

Let me take you to the beginning. When Robert Mugabe threw his long time ally Mnangagwa under the bus after the highly charged Bulawayo Youth Interface, a very important thing to take note of took place. Mnangagwa wrote an emotive letter warning Robert Mugabe that he will come back to rule in a few weeks. Soon afterwards, we saw the military moving out of the barracks in broad daylight and conducting the bloodiest operation targeted at members of

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