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Rest Well Mr Tsvangirai, Life Is Nobody's Friend Anyway

By Tanonoka Joseph Whande (Sunday Standard)

Life is cruel; it is not user friendly.

We spend our lives preparing for it after our parents spend more than half their youthful days preparing us to face life yet life laughs in their faces and ours as it takes our loved ones away from us for no reason; as it makes us homeless; as it makes us collateral damage in someone else’s war.

Life shows us no mercy even when we do our own thing, yet it pokes its irritating nose into our lives.

Life is a spoiled domain which is jealous of those and that which lives.

Life is cruel for killing a doctor on the day of his graduation; life is unkind for denying little innocent babies a chance to see the sunshine and experience life itself.

Life hates itself so much that it extinguishes itself at will but makes us pay for its recklessness.

Life is a dictator because it lives our lives for us without our permission and refuses to compromise on time, comfort and the length of time itself regardless of how hard we work to have “a decent life”.

Life denies us what it owes us.

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