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Mugabe, Our Own Katondo Who Had Many Docile Wives

By Patson Dzamara

When Katondo was born, the midwives noticed something unusual on him. He was born with a red ribbon tied around his left wrist. 

The Nyakureba village elders automatically concluded that Katondo was superhuman, endowed with some celestial powers because of that ribbon. They had never witnessed anything like that before. Neither did they know the meaning of the ribbon. To them, it could only be an attestation of a supernatural act or divine confirmation. 

Due to that Katondo's mother went through prolonged labour, the midwives took turns to attend to her, one at a time. When Katondo eventually started to make his way out, the midwife on standby tied his left hand with the red ribbon before she called the other midwives. 

While the other midwives attended to Katondo, the one who had been on standby when the delivery started went to the restroom to relieve

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