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Winnie Madikizela-Mandela: The System Hated Her More Than Anyone Else


GROWING up white in 1980s' Pretoria there were two figures that were demonised by the system of apartheid and Christian National Education more than any others: Winnie Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Nelson Mandela was a name, a phantom; someone the government, media, the church and our parents dealt with years earlier. He wasn't a threat. Neither was the communist ANC or their allies. The National Party government was on the right side of history, the South African Defence Force was one of the best in the world and our police were extremely effective at crushing dissent.

Or so we were made to believe.

The last pillars of resistance to the grand project of lasting dominance for the white man and "justice" for the black were Mandela and Tutu. That message was rammed home mercilessly, relentlessly and non-stop. It's actually quite remarkable to think that Tutu was portrayed as being the thin end of the red wedge which would lead to anarchy, bloodshed and the imposition of a one-party black state – but the machine that was constructed in 1948 when the party of DF Malan accelerated the process of ethnic separation and subjugation was extraordinarily effective.

Winnie Mandela however,

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