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Open Letter To Morgan Tsvangirai Over Mugabe And Gukurahundi

The Bulawayo News 24 article entitled ‘Tsvangirai pledges to protect Mugabe against Gukurahundi prosecution of May 22, 2017, is accompanied by a photo of Mr Morgan Tsvangirai with a dark blotch on his upper lip, directly under his nose. It is not so clear if this indeed is now his newly adopted shaving style. If it is, then this picture is highly symbolic and tells it all.

For the benefit of those who are fortunate to read my article but could not read the article referred to above, here is what Morgan said, in short: 1. He assures President Robert Mugabe of immunity from prosecution for atrocities committed in the past, 2. Mugabe is now mentally incapacitated, 3. that Mugabe has run his race, 4. That there are things he has done right.

The first point in the mouthful of utterances reflects Mr Tsvangirai’s regrettable attitude

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