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Zim's Alleged Externalisers List: Obscuring Private, Public Wealth to Shortchange the National Wealth

By Takura Zhangazha

In late 2017, the new (and current) Zimbabwean government announced a general amnesty for individuals / corporates that had allegedly not accounted to the national Reserve Bank for foreign currency that they sent out of the country in lieu of specific commodities/goods and services. 

Against the backdrop of the ‘coup-not-a-coup ouster’ of former president Robert Mugabe, this announcement raised high expectations from ordinary Zimbabweans.  The public was highly optimistic as to the law eventually catching up with those that had benefited from the latter’s presidents long drawn leadership of the state and by default, the national economy.

This, as a result of a popular public perception of the ruling Zanu PF Party as being corrupt and preoccupied with enriching its leaders via the levers of state power.

So Mgangagwa issued the equivalent of an edict to what one assumes are his companieros to, in South African political parlance, ‘pay back the money’. Or at least prove it came back to country in cash or kind. He even had the luxury of extending the ‘amnesty’ for a further two weeks after its expiry in March 2018.

As promised he published a list of those who allegedly

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