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Being Eternal Cry-Babies Will Not Solve Our Problems

By Patson Dzamara

The unprecedented rise of the citizens’ movement in Zimbabwe gave ordinary citizens a loud and bold voice.

After the disbanding of the GNU and the 2013 elections, Itai Dzamara was the first citizen to boldly stand up, speak out and act against Zanu PF's failure to run the affairs of the country.

He started his Occupy Africa Unity Square initiative which he anchored on a bold demand, through a petition, for President Robert Mugabe to step down.

That marked the beginning of the citizens’ movement, foreshadowing the tumultuous events of 2016.

Unfortunately, Itai was abducted as a result of his resolute stance against Zanu PF's leadership failure and misrule. This goaded me, as both brother and strong believer of his cause, to take over the fight.

This would often see me in fierce but fearless confrontation with the regime both as an expression of anger over a

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