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Mugabe's Denial Begs The Question: Is There Hope For Zim?

By Malcom Sharara

Harare - Is there hope for Zimbabwe when those in leadership are in denial?

This is a question most Zimbabweans and others across the globe were left asking themselves after Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe denied that his country is a fragile state.

Speaking during a panel discussion at the ongoing World Economic Forum on Africa on Thursday morning, Mugabe said his country is not a poor country and it can’t be a fragile country.

“Zimbabwe is one of the most highly developed countries in Africa and, after South Africa, I want to know which country has that level of development that we see in Zimbabwe,” said Mugabe.

He went on to say that Zimbabwe is one of the most well-resourced countries on the continent and also boosts 14 universities as well as a literacy rate of over 90%.

“We are not a poor country and

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