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Mountainous terrain affects radio,TV, phone/Internet signals in Nyanga North

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By Kenneth Matimaire

NYANGA - The mountainous terrain of the eastern border province has become an obstacle for radio, television and mobile phone reception in most of its border areas with Nyanga North being the hardest hit.

 Nyanga North shares its back with Mozambique and apparently divided by a long stretch of mountains from Nyamaropa to Fombe villages.

Residents in the vast valley told Radio VOP that signals are very poor.

Government is on record indicating that the poor signal reception is as a result of the mountainous terrain the province.

"We have poor reception here. For you to access ZBC, you have to be connected to a satellite dish and most of us cannot afford them. It's a preserve for a few," said Liliosa Nyakuenda of Dambakupetwa village.

Takesure Dumba, from Nyamudeza village said for one has to move around to get phone signals.

"It's very hectic to get phone reception. One has to walk miles to an area which receives phone reception. We actually have spots that we know that receives mobile network coverage," said Dumba.

"It would have been better if they were only poor phone signals that we had to deal with, but it cuts across, radio and television signals too," he added.

Village head  Oliver Nyamuvhuruza bemoaned that they are living in a dark village.

"How can we struggle to get access to local radio stations, TV and to make just a simple phone call. It's as if we are living in a dark village, because apart from these issues, the majority don't have electricity. If our political leaders are serious they need to make sure that we benefit as much as our counterparts in the urban areas," said Nyamavhuruza.

He further lamented that owing to these challenges it was difficult for many to keep up with what was going on in the country during the crucial election.Internet access is not any easy option either.

"It's very difficult for us to keep up with what is going on in the country. We urge the government to make sure that they make it a priority for the rural areas to receive better radio, TV and phone/internet signal going forward," he added.

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