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Chamisa is a G40 project, says MRP party

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By Dumisani Nyoni

BULAWAYO—THE fact that President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa was outpolled by his legislators at almost all polling stations indicates that a deadly bhora musango campaign was employed by disgruntled Zanu-PF members, Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has said.  

Bhora musango is a protest election strategy ironically first used against Mugabe in 2008 which resulted in his defeat in the first round of polling by the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

It was also employed by the late retired army commander General Solomon Mujuru who wanted to oust former President Robert Mugabe.

“Our perception is that the two parties (Zanu-PF and MDC Alliance) rigged each other, one led by the G40 experts for Nelson Chamisa and Lacoste for Mnangagwa, two factions schooled in the same Nikuv syllabus,” MRP said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The Lacoste rigged the parliamentary, while the G40 rigged on the presidential. How does one explain the contrast of the aggregate of numbers of parliamentary and presidential scores between the two candidates?”

“It is expected that Zanu PF's victory in parliament would be nearly proportional to that of the presidency. The contrast suggests that there was a bhora musango managed somewhere,” it said. 

According to Zec, Chamisa polled 44,3% of the vote in the July 30 watershed election, while Mnangagwa got 50,8% of the total votes cast.

MRP said its leadership has matured enough to understand the political shenanigans brewing in the Zimbabwe political matrix.

“It is clear that this election, apart from being an international plebiscite, was an opportune moment of restoring power back to the Karangas after the fall of the Zezuru strongman,” it said.

“Our people must be worried of the endorsement of Chamisa by Robert Mugabe on the eve of elections and the whole hullabaloo about the Mugabe magic vote,” MRP said.

MRP said it has always forecasted that the elections were being dramatized for a government of national unity and the quest for such an arrangement has even gone to the extent of having six innocent lives deliberately sacrificed in Harare.

“Our people must ask themselves these difficult questions: Who in his right mind shoots at unarmed civilians during the process of an election? Who can be this stupid to shoot at women, not from the front but from behind, during an election period? How does a party with the highest record of human rights abuses, shoots and kill innocent protesters in front of international election observers and journalists?” it said.

“This was an act of justification for a government of national unity. This is evidently a continuation of the G40 and Lacoste war, each protecting the interest of the Karanga and the Zezuru. None of the two is reluctant to relinquish power, rather they share,” the party which only contested for parliamentary seats said.

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