10 month-old baby detained in police brutal crackdown of citizens

A 10 month-old is among eight people who were arrested on Wednesday 20
November 2019 as Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers cracked down
on citizens in Harare’s central business district.

The 10 month-old baby is currently detained at Harare Central Police
Station together with her mother, who was arbitrarily arrested by ZRP
officers on Wednesday 20 November 2019 together with seven other
people while in the central business district and charged with
disorderly conduct in a public place as defined in section 41 of the
Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

The eight people who are represented by Nontokozo Dube-Tachiona and
Tonderai Bhatasara of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR),
include Collen Mubandarikwa aged 32 years, Gift Ben aged 30 years,
Rose Chitsungo aged 30 years, Maria Tinago aged 36 years, Shoko
Zindoga aged 42 years, Godfrey Karembera aged 42 years, Victor Maramba
aged 20 years and Honzeri Zondani aged 37 years.

By end of day on Wednesday 20 November 2019, ZLHR lawyers were trying
to convince ZRP officers to agree to release the baby and her mother,
who was arrested while on her way to the bank.