12 Burnt To Death In Road Accident.

The accident exposed the unpreparedness of the Civil Protection Unit as the fire continued blazing by Tuesday afternoon while remains of the deceased were only retrieved by midday Tuesday.

Gwanda is currently operating without a fire tender while the only trained fire fighter passed away last week.

Police officers had to endure the agony of watching over the charred remains overnight until the fire subsided Tuesday morning.

“It is unfortunate that such things happen and the CPU is unprepared, however we hope they are learning from such mistakes”, said Provincial Governor Angeline Masuku.

All the deceased were in the Toyota Hilux and were travelling back to South Africa having been home for the Easter holiday.

“The driver of the Toyota Hilux is suspected to have fallen asleep before encroaching into the lane of the oncoming haulage truck resulting in a head on collision with the Toyota Hilux being dragged for almost 30 metres” , said Police Spokesperson Sergeant Loveness Mangena.

The accident comes hardly two weeks following the death of fifteen people in a bus accident in Nyanga.