Zaka dealers demonstrate over beer shortages and disorder

By Clever Taperamoyo

ZAKA-There was drama at the Delta Beverages Masvingo Breweries recently as visibly angry dealers from Zaka stormed the facility in protest over the shortage and corrupt distribution of beer.
The demonstrators cited various issues which have contributed to acute beer shortages in Zaka among them corruption from delivery drivers, poor communication from sales representatives and selling beer to unlicensed dealers.
Demonstrators said the Delta delivery trucks no longer come to Zaka as per their usual schedule and when they, much of the consignment is sold to unlicensed dealers and the licensed dealers are given a mere fraction of what they used to get.
“On Wednesdays we used to be told that our delivery is on its way but surprisingly it will not come. If we call, we only get excuses that it’s still on queue on number 4 while other unlicensed dealers continue to be given beer here and sell at higher prices at open spaces in Jerera,” one demonstrator said.
Another demonstrator fingered the management accusing them of corruption saying they are the ones who authorise the delivery of beer on the black market.
“The challenge is that the unlicensed operators do not run out of stock but they sell at higher prices than the stipulated ones but we the licensed ones fail to get the stock after incurring
travelling costs from Zaka,” he said.
The protesters said that they endure long hours queueing for beer only to be told that they have run out of stock or be given a fraction of your order.
Delta Masvingo sales representative Bigbrain Mahofa said that the Zaka dealers raised concerns over unfair distribution of the beverages to retailers but declined to comment more on the matter saying he could not comment on behalf of the company.
“They have brought their grievances which we addressed but I’m not in the capacity to give you details on the matter because I’m too junior to comment on behalf of delta,” Mahofa said.

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