19 Perish In Zimbabwe Accident

Onlookers and passersby could not stomach the sight of pieces of human flesh strewn all over the place. Bags full of shredded groceries were thrown far off the roadside.

A cell phone rung for a long time in the pockets of one man, may be was already dead.

Others victim’s bodies lay covered with jackets, blankets, plastic bags and newspapers.

This was the scene of a horrific accident which claimed the lives of 19 people along the Harare-Bulawayo highway on Thursday.

One of the survivors, Sani Musiwa, 21, was sitting under a tree, visibly disoriented. She sobbed uncontrollable and could not believe she and her seven month old baby had escaped the horrific accident.

She was travelling to Shurugwi.

The 19 people died on the spot and more than 20 others were left to fight for their lives at various hospitals in Harare.

The scene of the accident, just a few kilometres before Selous, was a sorry sight which many people did not want to get close to.

Police  say say the bus was speeding at the time the accident occurred.

“The Chivi bound Chawasarira was racked by the haulage truck and the Lefombo bus, which was headed for Gokwe overturned while trying to avoid the crush,” said Assistant commissioner, Kenny Mthombeni, the officer commanding Traffic Demonstration.

The injured were taken to Parirenytwa hospital in Harare.