2008 Cholera Outbreak Threatens To Resurface

“The Municipality of Gwanda has resolved to apply to the Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development for the granting of Borrowing Powers in the sum of US$720 000 under the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) facility.

“The funding is required to undertake capital development works related to water and sewer rehabilitation,” Gwanda Mayor, Lionel De-Necker told Radio VOP in an interview.

De-Necker said Ignatius Chombo, the Local Government Minister has not responded to the local authority’s application.

Chombo when contacted for comment said: “We have received application but we are yet to make a decision,” adding that a decision “might be made next week.”

Gwanda is sitting on a health time bomb that might result in cholera outbreaks due to constant sewer bursts as the city’s sewerage and reticulation services have outlived their lifespan and need urgent replacement.

A cholera outbreak swept through the country in 2008, leaving thousands dead.

Gwanda council intends to replace raw water pumps, rehabilitate raw water storage dams, repair water treatment plants and complete the installation of booster pumps.