72 Hour Ultimatum For Harare To Repair Burst Water Pipes

By Own Correspondent

Harare, June 17, 2016 – A LOCAL civic group has petitioned Harare city authorities to quickly attend to burst water pipes which have seen a lot of treated water gushing out at the expense of rate payers who pay for water treatment chemicals.

The Pacesetters Youth Network said this week the amount of water being lost every day through unattended leakages was inconsistent with continued claims by the city fathers the city faced challenges in acquiring water treatment chemicals.

The group gave the city fathers a three-day ultimatum to attend to the leakages.

“If this is not addressed, we will surely within the next 72 hours be mobilising fellow residents to peacefully assemble at your office, as we cannot allow our money to go down the drain while we watch,” the residents said.

During the last four weeks, the residents said, they noted clean water gushing out from the middle of a road opposite the popular Mupedzanhamo Flea Market in Harare.

“It is indeed saddening that such investment by the city from rate payers’ money is not considered important and thus can be left for such a long time,” said Victoria Chiyanike, who is Programmes Coordinator for Pacesetters Youth Network.

Chiyanike said it was disturbing council could afford to allow a lot of water to waste away while other suburbs within the city have gone for months if not years without the precious liquid dripping from their taps.

Chiyanike said cars were also being damaged by the potholes due to large amounts of water washing away the road.

“In addition, this increases chances of waterborne diseases as contamination of water happens at that very site,” Chiyanike said.

“We hope the relevant authorities in the roads and health will be able to attend to this before it escalates to a crisis, as young people we commit ourselves to acting a responsible manner and remains committed to engaging your offices as we are already suffering and cannot afford to lose the little we get to water that is wasted.”

City fathers have blamed recurrent water leaks to aging infrastructure which was build over 50 years ago.

In the past few years, authorities have managed to secure loans through the finance ministry to replace to some of the pipes.