80-year-old widow kicked out moments after husband’s funeral

By Monalisa Matongo

MUTARE – A 63-year-old man from Gutarurare village under Chief Zimunya was recently dragged to kraal head Machikiti’s court where he was made to kneel on the ground and pay a cow as fine for kicking away from home his 80-year-old step mother moments after his late father’s burial.

Joseph Magagada declared that he had every right to kick out Rosemary Tinofara from home, claiming that the property belonged to his late father and mother and not to her.

He claimed that Rosemary did not build any house, kitchen or bedroom for herself when her husband was still alive as per tradition, so there was no space for her in the homestead.

During the case’s settlement, Tinofara complained that Magagada had always been a thorn in the flesh for her even when his father was alive. She claimed that while on his deathbed, Magagada’s father had instructed that no one should ever kick her out.

Neighbours testified that Magagada and Tinofara had never been in good books and they always quarrelled.

After deliberations, Tinofara then opted to go away and start a new life on her own, and the court agreed with her as she had no marriage certificate to help her assert her rights.