A Quarter of Zimbabweans Still Support Mugabe – US Poll

The poll was done in Washington DC by a company known as Gallop International Limited which is among the top firms in the world as far as political surveys are concerned.
Last year the Gallop poll predicted that current US President Barack Obama would sweep the Presidential race in the US. Obama won that election.
“The Gallop poll says three out of four Zimbabweans do not support President Mugabe,” a senior US official said.
“This means that only a quarter of Zimbabweans still support the President which should be worrying for him since he expects to run for another term if elections are held next year.”
The poll, however, did not say how much support current Prime Minister and President of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), Morgan Tsvangirai, had.
It only surveyed Zimbabweans about their feelings about Mugabe who has been at the helm of local politics since Independence in 1980.
Mugabe heads Zanu PF which is currently going through turbulent times especially in the rural areas where it used to garner most of its support.
The Gallop poll also showed that less than one percent of Zimbabweans living in the cities still support Mugabe.
The MDC-T has in the past won most of the city municipalities much to the dismay of Zanu PF.
However, Local Government Minister, Ignatious Chombo, has continuously frustrated MDC-T councilors by either firing them or suspending them.
The poll said that if President Mugabe stood against Tsvangirai he would lose dismally as he is “not loved by Zimbabweans any longer”.