A South African Woman In Bid To Annul Tsvangirai Marriage

Nosipho Regina Shilubane filed her papers before regional magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi who indicated that he would hear the case on Friday morning.
The social media was on Thursday awash with the contents of the affidavit that Shilubane filed in court.
This comes a day after Tsvangirai had scored a sweet victory over former lover Locardia Karimatsenga. The High Court threw out Karimatsenga’s application, which sought to stop the wedding, but it was dismissed on the grounds that customary marriage was not legally recognised. Karimatsenga was on Thursday still battling to annul Tsvangirai’s court marriage to Elizabeth Macheka, which took place on August 27.

According to Shilubane’s affidavit, which she filed through her lawyer, Wellington Pasipanodya, she is seeking to have Tsvangirai’s marriage certificate cancelled.
Tsvangirai is due to wed on Saturday at a ceremony in which President Robert Mugabe and other regional leaders have been invited to attend. The wedding is due to be held at an upmarket lodge in Harare.

Shilubane claimed she was introduced to the Prime Minister by a Pastor Lazarus Muriritirwa at a hotel in Fourways, South Africa. Muriritirwa is believed to be principal director in the Prime Minister’s office.

“When we were introduced at his hotel room, he asked his Pastor and his son Edwin Tsvangirai who were present on the day to give us some privacy and we remained the two of us in the Hotel room,” read the affidavit which was widely quoted and circulated on Face Book and other social media.

“When we were left alone in the hotel room, he told me that he was a widower and that he was looking for a new bride to marry as he had lost his wife and he had approached the pastor to find a suitable woman for him.”

She alleged Tsvangirai later invited her to Zimbabwe where she stayed at the Pastor’s house in Borrowdale for a few days before she returned to South Africa.

The woman is claiming Tsvangirai rented her a flat in Sandton after asking her to move out of her Yeoville house because it was not “suitable”.

The South African woman further claimed the two went to several places across the world on holiday.

She claimed she was surprised to hear about the Prime Minister’s wedding when she was expecting him to pay lobola.

She said: “We communicated daily on my mobile 0027726854436 and in November he said that he wanted to go with me for a holiday and on the 28th December 2009, he flew to south Africa with his children Millicent and Vincent who are twins. We met at OR Tambo airport to fly together to the Seychelles.”

“Our tickets were already paid for and they were booked from Zimbabwe through Traverze Travel Agency, the contact there was Zodwa Mtunzi. We went on holiday from the 28th December to 10th January 2010.”

Adding: “We were intimate throughout the holiday period and we always had unprotected sex all the times as he had asked me to go on family planning medication since he did not want more children.”

Radio VOP was not able to get an immediate comment from the Prime Minister’s office.