Abducted MDC Activist's Wife Now A Destitute

Nabanyana is believed to be dead.

His wife, Patricia hs hit hard times following the abduction and disappearance of her husband by suspected war veterans during the run up to the 2000 general elections which saw the MDC winning most of the city’s constituencies which had been previously dominated by Zanu (PF) since independence.

Ndabanyana was Education Minister David Coltart’s polliling agent for ward 24 when he was abducted at his house during the day.

Patricia said her plight worsened in 2005 when the MDC splint into factions.

“Before the split of the MDC I used to get assistance from the party especially from Coltart. Now nobody is looking after my family. I am struggling to put food on the table for my family of four. Two of the children are doing secondary school and it is very difficulty for me to raise school fees for the children. I have also, unsuccessfully, on numerous occasions tried to secure a birth certificate for our last born child,” said Patricia.

She said officials from the registrar’s office were demanding a death certificate before issuing the child a birth certificate.

“Everybody knows that my husband was abducted and disappeared and I do not know how these people expect me to get the death certificate when it is known that this issue is politically related and therefore needs politicians to intervene,” she said almost in tears.

Patricia, blasted the Organ for National Healing, describing it as an insult to families and relatives of victims of political violence .

“That organ called national healing is a disgrace to the nation.  I nearly broke into tears when I saw one of the Ministers responsible for the organ on national television  talking about national healing. How can you talk about national healing without consulting the people affected? ” she asked.

Four war veterans from Bulawayo were arrested following the disappearance of Nabanyama but were acquitted by the High Court under unclear circumstances.