Accountability Lab to honour honest public servants

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

An accountability advocacy organization has launched a campaign to award public servants in the health and education sector who are exuding honesty in their work.

Speaking at the launch of Integrity Icon Zimbabwe on Thursday in Harare, Accountability Lab Zimbabwe’s Program and Campaign Manager Grace Chirenje said the campaign aims to inculcate integrity to be the   norm in public service.

“The campaign aims to celebrate individuals working in the health and education sector who go beyond the call of duty and we want to ensure that integrity becomes the norm and not an exception

“So we intend to name and fame honest public servants and  the programme starts  in  Harare ,Bulawayo and Goromonzi  where we will be calling citizens to nominate individuals of their choice who are doing extremely well in the public service,”revealed Chirenje.

She also said  nomination is  being extended to judges who will then select the best .

The organization believes that through the campaign they are going to realize a paradigm shift towards ethical conduct and improve accountability.

“Through integrity icon,the Lab and its partners will build support for their efforts to realise a collective societal shift towards ethical conduct and greater accountability.

“When there is a clear lack of accountability ,trust in democratic institutions is eroded.The campaign is borne out of an understanding that negative narratives often lead to a sense of hopelessness,and may negate genuine citizen and public service led efforts for reform,”states Accountability Lab Zimbabwe.

According to the organization,the launch coincides with the intentions by the President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration to deal with corruption.

“The launch of this campaign comes at a time when the government of Zimbabwe has expressed strong intentions of dealing with corruption in the public sector .

“Through the National Development Plan 2 ,Agenda 2030,and Public Service Commission’s plans to reform the civil service, Zimbabwe has committed to building a middle income country grounded in transparency, accountability and good governance,”.

The launch of the campaign is coming at a time when confidence in public service is  at its  lowest especially in the health sector and education.The sectors has been mired with crippling strikes but government has  been condemning  the public servants for being ‘mercenaries’ and lacking intergrity.