Accreditation Of Journalists Now Falls Under ZMC

Speaking during a Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) organized civil society on media and constitution reform meeting in Bulawayo on Friday ZMC Commissioner, Mathew Takaona said with immediate effect, ZMC will be now responsible for accrediting all local and foreign media during elections in the country.
“ZEC has surrendered the accreditation of journalists to media houses during all elections to ZMC. They said their core business is to run elections and not to mingle
in the affairs of journalists’ said commissioner Takaona.
He said the commission will soon come up with the guidelines and procedures of implementing its new role of accrediting journalists.
“We hope the guidelines and procedures will be media friendly. Our aim is to improve on the accreditation of journalists during elections,” he said.
During the meeting Takaona also revealed that the commission is current reviewing all media laws which stifles press freedom in the country like AIPA and POSA.

He said ZMC’s legal department headed by Harare lawyer Chris Mhike is currently looking into all media laws that restricts the operations of the media and make submissions to  COPAC and other media stakeholders.