Activists Threaten To Roll Out More Protests

By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Harare, July 07, 2016 – TAJAMUKA, a group of firebrand Harare based youths who have fronted the current anti-government campaigns, have praised Zimbabweans for joining Wednesday’s national shut down and further threatened to roll out similar protests until President Robert Mugabe and his government stepped down.

The group accuses the current government of being responsible for the country’s deteriorating economic conditions which have brought massive joblessness and poverty.

Addressing a press conference in Harare on Thursday, Tajamuka spokesperson Promise Mkhwananzi praised Zimbabweans for what he said was a show of courage to the government.

“We demand Mugabe to step down,” he said.

“Mugabe is now the sticking point because of his long incumbency in power; reforms are impossible. We promise more stay-aways, more action, more demonstrations.”

Mkhwananzi said Wednesday’s shut-down was a success, adding that it had shaken the ruling party as was shown by the bringing forward of civil servants’ June salary dates.

The government last month announced a delay in the payment of June salaries for its workforce, sparking a job action by civil servants led by teachers groups.

“There is no doubt that the stay away was a success, shocking those in the corridors of power,” Mkhwananzi said.

“The evidence of this is the panic in the government giving specific dates when they will pay salaries for those in the health sector,” he said.

He vowed they will continue pressing the government to heed people’s calls for better livelihoods.

“We are not going back in pressing the government until it gives in to our demands. Police must exercise restraint,” said the former student leader.


He added: “We demand that Mugabe must deliver a time lined transition, reverse the import duty law, implement electoral reforms, implement the new constitution, return back the missing Itai Dzamara, stop police brutality and stop the road blocks, abandon the bond notes, account for the 15 billion and root out corruption.”