‘ I Will Never Join Zanu (PF) ’ – Declares Jiyane

Jiyane who is being accused of persecuting MDC-T councillors in the resort town was responding to allegations that he has been collaborating with Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo to make life difficult for councillors loyal to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.
Speaking to Radio Vop by phone from Victoria Falls, Jiyane said he quit Tsvangirai,s party because of too much interference by the leadership.

“ The truth is that I was fed up with MDC-T,s meddling in council affairs.Thats why in the end I decided to quit and work as an independent councillor, ” Jiyane told Radio Vop.
He said he has never been Zanu (PF) and will never join the party for reasons he refused to disclose.Responding to MDC-T councillors who were arrested last week in the town, Jiyane said they deserved to be arrested because they were going around the townships disrupting his meetings.

Two of the councillors who are accused of disrupting Jiyane,s meetings fled to Bulawayo last week.They were later advised to hand themselves over to the police of which they did.Last year councillors in the town passed a vote of no confidence against Jiyane but he refused to leave.He hit back and announced that he was quitting the MDC-T party to work as an independent.
Chombo has always come to Jiyane and other MDC-T councillors,s rescue whenever they are in trouble with their party leadership.
According to Chombo, Mayors and councillors can only be dismissed by the ministry if they flout Urban Councils Act.