AFM pastor in church break-in drama

By Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIREDZI – A pastor with the Rev Cossam Chiyangwa faction of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) in Triangle stands accused of breaking into church premises and raiding church furniture that belong to members of a rival faction.

Rabson Makuvise, who used to minister at the church’s Mount Hermon assembly in Triangle, acrimoniously broke away in October 2018 with some congregants and started his own factional grouping at Terry Goss.

He, however, is now back with a vengeance; allegedly harassing his rivals and disrupting their own sermons.

A few weeks ago, he wrote to his former assembly’s leadership requesting that an arrangement be made for both camps to share the premises.

He reportedly did not get a favorable reply from the Mount Hermon fellowship and he allegedly hired a gang with which he stormed the premises and broke in by destroying three locks in attempts to have access to the furniture.

“Makuvise has been causing chaos at Mt Hermon despite the fact that he left on his own accord some eight months ago. A farewell service was even held for him and he left elder Ndlovu in charge of the assembly so we don’t understand why he has suddenly become vengeful,” said one concerned church member.

Another source said Makuvise went on to lay malicious criminal charges against rival congregants whom he accused of disrupting his sermons when in actual fact it was him who repeatedly disrupted services at Mt Hermon.

One of the victims of the alleged malicious charges is Petros Mazodze who said he was summoned to appear in court on July 15 after Makuvise and team filed for a protection order against them.

“What amazes is that they are saying we disrupted their church service when they in fact always disrupt ours. We should be seeking a protection order against them,” said Mazodze.

When contacted for comment, Makuvise admitted that he broke locks at Mt Hermon so that he could take furniture for use at his new assembly.

“Yes I did break into the church because they had locked us out. When we split, we told church elders that we will come back for deliberations on how we could use the church premise.

“We left the church premise in October last year and we quickly wrote to them so that we could discuss how to share premises but they did not cooperate. We decided to break into the church and for the past many Sundays, they came and disrupted our church services in revenge,” said Makuvise.

He could, however, not explain why he chose to come back despite having left on his own accord without any conditions.


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