Africa Unity Square Activists Spend 2nd Night In Police Custody

By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Harare, June 09, 2016 – FOUR pro-democracy activists who were arrested in the early hours of Thursday on theft allegations, were still in police detention, Thursday evening.

The four, Patson Dzamara, Makomborero Haruzivishe, Pride Mkono and one member identified as Oliver, are part of a group of Harare activists who have spent nights sleeping at the Africa Unity Square in protest over poor governance by the Zanu PF led government.

They are now a week old into their 16 day vigil in which they are demanding President Mugabe’s government to deliver on its 2013 election promises.

Gift Siziba, one of the group members, said his comrades were still in police cells at Harare Central police and were expected to appear in court on Friday.

The activists were arrested at around 2 am Thursday when two women suspected to be working with state agents approached the group asking to be directed to Harare’s Epworth township.

They claimed to be coming from Mutoko and pretended to have been lost.

Linda Masarira, who is part of the group, told the media on Thursday that the women still asked to be accompanied to a point where they could easily find their way but the activists refused.

“The 4 then assisted by giving them the directions but refused to accompany them to the fourth street rank. It was after this that the women just moved 50 metres away and starting screaming alleging they had been robbed,” said Masarira.

Some police details strangely then appeared from the dark and immediately arrested the four activists on “theft” charges.

The activists view this as a sting operation by state agents who are desperate to drive the activists out of the famous square.

The activists claim to have been receiving visits by state security agents since they began the protest.

The Occupy Africa Unity Square activists were early this week attacked by a gang of people suspected to be working closely with state agents during the night.


Some of them lost cell phones to their assailants.