African Commission To Act On Zimbabwe Rights Violations

The development followed submissions by civic society organisations during the 51st session of the ACPHR held recently in Gambia over human rights violations by the police in Zimbabwe.

Effie Ncube, the director of the Matabeleland Constitutional Reform Agenda (MACRA) who attended the ACPHR meeting in Gambia, said the government had dismissed human rights violations submissions by the civic groups as propaganda and falsehoods.

The government was represented by David Mangota, who is the Permanent Secretary in the Justice and Legal Ministry.

“The government was opposed to our suggestions that it was yet to establish the rule of law when we cited for example the continued arrest and harassment of Zimbabweans in their aspirations for democracy.

“They (government) said all we were saying was a complete lie, fabrication, falsehood and coming from the Western driven Agenda as it were.

“Other s stakeholders who attended the ACPHR session were however very much aware and cognisant that were telling the truth about Zimbabwe and the Commission did commit itself to look into our allegations and to press the government for change in respect of the rule of law and the Global Political Agreement (GPA),” Ncube told Radio VOP in an interview on Saturday.

 The ACHPR  is an intergovernmental organisation seized with several appeals about violations of human rights over freedom of expression, torture, politically motivated violence, undermining of the judiciary and independent national mechanisms and forced evictions under the guise of clean-up campaigns.

President Robert Mugabe, his Zanu-PF party and state security organs stand accused of widespread human rights abuses.

Mugabe denies the charges and instead accuses the European Union (EU) and the West of human rights violations for imposing sanctions on his inner circle and some government entities.

The EU and the West imposed targeted sanctions on Mugabe and his top military, ruling and business associates in 2002 as punishment for perpetuating human rights violations and failure to uphold the rule of law.