African Countries Pressure Zimbabwe To Reverse Import Ban

A South African government team is in Harare to air its concerns to Zimbabwe about the newly implemented trade restrictions on certain imported goods.

South Africa believes the restrictions imposed in June, are a violation of a Southern African Development Community (SADC) trade agreement.

Several countries including Zambia have called on Zimbabwe to reverse the restrictions, saying it threatens regional free trade protocol.

The Department of Trade and Industry team will meet their Zimbabwean counterparts. South Africa says the statutory instrument on trade is affecting its exporters.

In June, Zimbabwe increased duty and introduced requirements for permits on a range of imported basic goods and building materials. 

Authorities say they want to protect their local producers who are struggling to compete against imports.

Productivity in Zimbabwe’s companies has slumped because of antiquated machinery and high interest rates on loans.

It’s been good news for South Africa which makes up the majority of products on the shelves.

South Africa is expected to lobby for the reversal of the statutory instrument believing it violates the SADC trade principals of reducing trade barriers.