African countries urged to invest in new technologies

Delegates from the African Telecommunications Union have urged African countries to invest in new technologies in order to bridge the digital divide and prepare for the 4th industrial revolution.

The delegates have been speaking at a preparatory meeting in East London in the Eastern Cape,South Africa. They are getting ready for the World Radio Conference in Egypt in November.

It is focusing on the global use of Radio frequency spectrum and internet connectivity.

“When you have harmonised frequency bands, you have what they call economy of scale, the production of these devices for it to be used in these frequency bands will be cheaper because if each country has its own bands to use, the equipment will not be producing mass (quantity). So when it is not producing mass quantity then the cost will be high. Affordability is a challenge; connectivity to remote locations is a challenge. We are here in order that our respective countries should be able to have access to the internet to be provided by broadband so that you can enjoy the benefits of broadband service,” says  Director for Radio Spectrum Monitoring and Survey in the Ministry of Communication in Nigeria  Kilybas Binga .