Africans Are One People Says Zuma

Johannesburg – South African President Jacob Zuma on Monday said South Africans had made friends with people from other parts of Africa throughout history.

“We… celebrate the solidarity and friendship provided by South Africans in many townships and villages to African nationals who came to settle in our country in search of opportunities, even at the height of apartheid colonialism,” he said in a speech prepared for delivery at Africa Day celebrations at the University of Pretoria.

“We became one people, and shall remain one people, living together in peace and friendship at all times.”

He said South Africans were “proud of our African identity. We are proud to be part of a continent that is growing, that has a bright future”.

Zuma said it was a day to “reflect on challenges that still remain”.

At least seven people, including three South Africans, were killed in April when xenophobic violence broke out in townships around Durban and spread to parts of Johannesburg.