Air Zim Dispatch Senior Engineers To London

The Air Zimbabwe engineers arrived in London on Thursday to give a boost to and supervise the repairs of the Boeing 767-200 which developed a fault after being impounded at Gatwick International Airport early this month by American General Supplies over a US$1.2 million debt.

The engineers were set  begin fixing the plane’s landing gear actuator last Friday which was sourced from the US and which arrived in London on Thursday after encountering delays in delivery due to the
delayed movement of money transfers.

The United Kingdom’s Civil Aviation Authority is now scheduled to inspect the aircraft this Saturday and hopefully certify it to depart on the same day and arrive on Sunday.

Air Zimbabwe has in recent times grounded most of its planes owing to persistent workers’ strike and crippling fuel shortages.

Early this month, South Africa’s Bid Air Services seized one of Air Zimbabwe’s plane, a Boeing 737-500 over a $500 000 debt for ground handling services.