Air Zim makes Emergency Landing

“There was a techinical fault in the plane coming from Victoria falls. The plane landed safely and we are investigating what  might have happened,” a top Air Zimbabwe official told Radiovop over the phone.
The national carrier which operates two Boeing 767 planes, two Boeing 737 planes and two Chinese made MA60s has been battling to mantain its fleet.
One of the MA60’s was grounded since it hit warthogs at Harare International Airport.
In August aviation authorities in Zimbabwe carried a ‘drill’ at Harare International airport in which a plane crash was faked to prepare ermegency services on reacting to an air crash at the airport.
News agencies and international media carried stories that a plane had crashed at the airport but later aviation authorities said it was a drill.
Air Zimbabwe has been struggling to mantain its fleet over the years. Over 400 workers were retrenched by the airline last year.
The airline is listed as one of loss making state enterprises, it has been making losses every year.