Air Zimbabwe hires South African plane to carry passengers

Peter Chikumba, Air Zimbabwe chief executive officer on Thursday said the national carrier has hired out planes from Air Quarius to carry their passengers as their 60 pilots continue with their strike.

“We are continuing with measures to make sure that our flight schedules have not been disrupted. We have leased a plane for the Harare- Joburg, Harare- Bulawayo route but because of limited resources we cannot charter any more planes,” Air Zimbabwe Chief executive officer, Peter Chikumba said.

“We are continuing to meet with our pilots but we sincerely apologize to our customers and hope a solution will be found.”

Although no figures were given on how much it will cost Air Zimbabwe to charter planes from Air Quarius Chartering a plane from another airline is more expensive compared to flying own flights.

The national carrier’s pilots embarked on a job action on Wednesday demanding their salaries and allowances which accrued since February.

Radiovop is aware that the Air Zimbabwe board led by their chairperson Jonathan Kadzura, Chikumba and their board met with Transport and Communications minister Nicholas Goche in a bid to resolve the job action by pilots which has crippled the airline.

Kadzura on Wednesday said Air Zimbabwe pilots were demanding salaries which the airline could not afford. The pilots are getting salaries of US 1,200 dollars and they are demanding a salary of US 2,500 dollars.

Kadzura said the demands of the pilots were ‘outrageous’ as the country is still recovering from years of economic decline, but the pilots however went ahead with their job action.

AirZimbabwe has eight planes, two Boeing 767, three Boeing 737 and three MA 60’s.