Air Zimbabwe Property Attached

The Deputy Sheriff in Harare on Friday attached property belonging to embattled national airline, Air Zimbabwe, over salaries owed to retrenched employees.

At least 15 vehicles belonging to senior managers were taken away.

Sources close to the deal disclosed that Air Zimbabwe owed the retrenched workers about US$163 000 which cannot be written off by the 15 vehicles.

“The deputy sheriff will be coming back tomorrow targeting the company’s buses and commuter omni-busses to cover the debt,” said a source who declined to be named.

Air Zimbabwe lawyer Selby Hwacha said he was not aware of the case which paved way for the execution of the property.

“I am not aware of that case since the only case that I am involved in is before the Supreme and we are waiting for the judgement,” said Hwacha.

Acting Chief Executive Officer for Air Zimbabwe was not immediately available for a comment.