Albinos Seek Reprieve On Car Imports

“Albinism is a disability,” said Dr Makumbe when he addressed members from his society.”We want to bring in motor vehicles and because we are disabled we should be allowed to bring them in duty free.”

Makumbe said he had faced problems with the Ministry of Finance because he wanted to bring in his motor vehicle duty free because he is “disabled”.
Makumbe, a prominent political analyst in Zimbabwe, said he felt and thought that being an “albino” means that they are “disabled” as said by those who describe “disabilities”.

“I intend to take legal action if they (Ministry of Finance) do not give me my motor vehicle duty free,” he added.
“We, in fact, demand that the regulations on disability and imports be changed in Zimbabwe. “We are disabled as said by the word describing disabilities.”

Makumbe said he would be taking legal action to ensure that his motor vehicle was brought into Zimbabwe duty free.