All Parties Responsible For Removing Zimbabwe Sanctions

“It is not the responsibility of the MDC-T neither is it the responsibility of MDC-M or ZANU alone; it is the responsibility of the inclusive government in its entirety and not for one party to work towards the removal of sanctions. Therefore I find it crazy for some people to be saying the Prime Minister should be responsible for the removal of sanctions. It is not the responsibility of Morgan Tsvangirai; it is the responsibility of the inclusive government as stated in the GPA,” Moyo told scribes at the Gweru press Club.

“… Restrictive measures are there but we can’t define them as sanctions. If you say the IMF and the World Bank have prescribed sanctions to Zimbabwe then you go to a rally and say ‘remove your sanctions’ IMF will not remove debt because of what you said at a rally. They will need you to pay their arrears then they will extend credit lines. There are financial penalties imposed on Zimbabwe because we are defaulters”.

Moyo also explained that calls for reform of government’s various sectors including the security sector, were not aimed at witch-hunting but to bring back professionalism to these sectors. “The security sector reform does not mean you are firing people; it does not mean you are retiring people; it’s about a paradigm shift. It’s about saying no we were doing things this way in the past, this time around let’s reform and do things this way. So for example, the army was involved in the Maguta processes. We can’t continue to have the army involved in food distribution . So we are talking about security sector reforms; we are talking about how a military officer can do his job professionally.”