Ambassador Zwambila Faces Fresh Sexual Harassment Allegations

Zwambila who was last year accused of stripping naked in front of embassy staff faces yet fresh allegations of sexual harassment .

The employee who has been identified as Mr Felix Machiridza has written a formal complaint to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs detailing the alleged abuse, the state owned Herald newspaper reported at the weekend.

He claimed that Ms Zwambila forced him to stay at a garage for a year after he refused to occupy a bedroom on the same floor as hers.

Mr Machiridza said he had been lured to Australia by the ambassador who promised him a job and was now victimised for refusing to give in to the sexual advances.

“I am almost certain that my abuse by Ms Zwambila was retribution for refusing to bend to her seductions,” he wrote in the complaint that was sent to various media houses.

He said he was also forced to pick up used condoms from the ambassador’s son’s bedroom without protective clothing.
The ambassador who was temporarily recalled to Harare last year after male embassy employees accused her of stripping in front of them after accusing them of leaking information to the state media has not commented about the latest incident.
Mr Joey Bimha the permanent secretary in Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Herald that investigations were already underway.
“We received a report with regards to that and we are currently studying the report,” he was quoted as having said. “We will ask for a report from Ambassador Zwambila as well, and then we will make a determination.”
Ms Zwambila was nominated to her post by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai as part of a power sharing agreement he signed with President Robert Mugabe in 2009.
In the past she has claimed that she was a victim of a media smear campaign orchestrated by the veteran ruler’s Zanu (PF) party.