American Plan To Topple Mugabe Expossed: Paper

According to the state owned Sunday Mail, the strategic plan, which covers the period between 2008 up to the end of this year, outlines the US government’s three-pronged approach to effect regime change as: putting pressure on the Zimbabwean Government, providing assistance to opposition political parties and civil society and the provision of aid to the people of Zimbabwe.

The embassy, which was under James McGee at the time, wrote that for the acceptance of this plot, it had to “promote a positive image of the US and US government programmes” and promote American principles and values, but quickly declared that “no other goal supersedes in importance the mission’s efforts to respond to the needs of American citizens in Zimbabwe”.
The leaking of the document in Wikileaks-style fashion is set to put the US Embassy in Harare in panic mode as the Obama administration is currently doing damage control following the embarrassing revelations about the activities of the US diplomats overseas.
Under the “Chief of Mission Statement”, the embassy predicted that the removal of President Mugabe from power would happen during the 2008 to 2010 period, adding that the March 29 2008 elections provided the first opportunity for change.The embassy states that “during the next three years, the US Mission in Harare will focus on promoting Zimbabwe’s transformation” but acknowledged that “Embassy Harare faces exceptional challenges, expects to encounter exceptional opportunities, and requests exceptional treatment”.
“Change is likely to come to Zimbabwe during the 2008-2010 period. Elections to be held on March 29 2008 provide the first opportunity for change, ” said the embassy, adding that “(President) Mugabe’s eventual departure from power will create an opportunity but cannot guarantee fundamental reform . . .
“The challenge for the USG (US government) is to ensure that the opportunity for real reform is not missed. In the short term, while Mugabe continues to cling to power, we will continue laying the groundwork for reform by maintaining our three-pronged approach to promote change: pressure on the regime, assistance to Zimbabwe’s democrats, and aid for its suffering people.

“On Mugabe’s departure, we will need to exercise leadership within the donor community to maintain unity and ensure that a successor regime understands that generous foreign assistance will support serious reform but that the international community will require actions and not just words. Donor co-ordination efforts have laid a solid foundation for this task.”
The embassy said it would work closely with the IMF on macro-economic policy reform and offer targeted assistance to promote private sector development.
The current US ambassador to Harare, Charles Ray has already apologised to the government of President Mugabe for the WikiLeaks disclosures.The Founder and editor-in-chief of the whistle blowing website Julian Assange was arrested last week and fighting extradition to US where he is likely to face trial.He was arrested on a Swedish warrant following rape complaints.
Assange has spent the past four nights in Wandsworth Prison deprived of the laptop that constitutes one of his few possessions, waiting for the next stage in the extradition process that could result in his being put on trial in Sweden for the alleged sexual assault of two women.