Amnesty International Zimbabwe suspended amid fraud allegations

The International Board of Amnesty International has suspended Amnesty International Zimbabwe (AIZ) from the global movement and placing it under administration following evidence of fraud and serious financial misconduct.

According to a statement released Thursday an extensive forensic audit was conducted in late 2018 which uncovered evidence of fraud and serious financial mismanagement by individuals in AIZ. Zimbabwean law enforcement agencies were reportedly notified of the findings earlier this year and the organization also commenced the legal process of civil recovery in order to recoup lost funds.

Amnesty International’s International Board gave an assurance that, since the allegations first came to light, urgent financial risk management measures were put in place to ensure anti-fraud and corruption procedures were adhered to and that donor funds were kept safe

The latest  decision to take extraordinary measures on AIZ,read the statement, is to protect the reputation, integrity and operation of the movement.  The view of the international board is that AIZ have not been able to take the necessary steps in its duty of good governance.

Amnesty International pledged to cooperate with the appropriate authorities as well as provide full assistance to all current investigations to ensure that any individual found to have been involved in misconduct is held to account.