An Apostolic Dad Faces Arrest For Death Of Child

The father had hidden his child when health authorities were in the area a few months ago to immunise chldren against the deadly disease, which has seen new outbreaks in most African countries.

The father only identified as Mpofu was said to have rejected pleas from neighbours to take the child to hospital even when his health condition worsened.

Two months ago the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare embarked on a massive Measles immunisation programme, however the process meant to protect children from killer diseases was met with resistance by some religious group’s, mostly members of the Apostolic sect.

In Manama, south of Gwanda town a child whose parents are followers of the Madida church was also recently admitted to Gwanda hospital with severe sores all over the body. Church elders had chased away health officials during the immunisation programme arguing they believed in God’s healing powers not hospital medication.