ANC Extremely Scared Of White People: Malema

Cape Town, June 18, 2014 – Economic Freedom Front (EEF) president Julius Malema says South African president Jacob Zuma and his government do not have the guts to lead the black majority of South Africans to economic emancipation.

Malema has for the first time participated in the State-of-the-Nation debate. He has accused the Zuma administration of advancing those who previously benefited from the resources of the country at the expense of the previously disadvantaged. 

“You and your party should stop playing with semantics especially where it relates to radical economic agenda because you lack courage and you have sold out the revolution,” says Malema.  

The EFF leader says the ANC is extremely scared of White people especially white monopoly capital.

 “You have in the past 20 years defended the privileges of white minority and continue with the exploitation and exclusion of the oppressed majority.”

Malema has also accused President Zuma and the ruling ANC of allowing unemployment to substantially worsen in the 20 years of ANC rule.