ANC To Coach Zanu PF Youth On Violence Free Election

Speaking at State House in Harare after a closed door meeting with Mugabe, Malema said the Zimbabwe leader understood his message. He said they would teach Zanu PF how to win elections democratically and peacefully.

For the four days that Malema and his delegation have been in Zimbabwe trying to prop up failed and discredited Zanu PF polices like the land reform programme and the indigenization and empowerment law, he was warning Zanu PF against violence.

“We have agreed with President Mugabe to help strengthen the structures of the party. We want Zanu PF to become strong again. We have agreed to engage Zanu PF in practical examples of how to win elections peacefully and democratically. We will invite their youths to South Africa for council elections and we will show them how it is done,” said Malema.

On Saturday evening Malema castigated Zanu PF and warned that their continued use of violence to win elections will make them more unpopular to an extent that people will end up revolting against them.

Malema was addressing the Zanu PF youth leaders at Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono’s farm after a tour of the vast property by the South African delegation.

“Violence is not an option. Even if you lose power tomorrow you need to take two, three steps backwards and strategise and say this is how we are recapturing power. We must fight the battle ideologically on the ground, we need ground forces, and we need foot soldiers equipped with political fuel. Its  not  about how you shout slogans and  how you can exercise violence or use AK47 on your  people.

“Once you do that you are inviting an invasion. The US is forever ready for you, they want to come here and if you give them the opportunity to come here you will have failed our revolution.

“They  will attack you and after  finishing  you  by  virtue  of  being the superpower with all the  machinery all of  us  here will never say anything. We will just keep quite because we will be killed. They want to destroy this party and if you give them the way in the form of militants you are going to compromise all of us,” charged Malema.

On Saturday Malema was the guest of honour at a function hosted by the Zanu PF aligned Affirmative Action Group (AAG) where he again implored on Mugabe’s party to win elections peacefully.

“You must do like the Americans. They won’t beat you up to listen to them, they don’t cut your hands for you to listen to them – they use propaganda through newspapers, internet and television and you end up believing them.

“If you use violence and the people revolt, you will never stop them even with the whole army. Engage the people ideologically and persuade them to vote for you,” said Malema