ANC Youth To Intensify Campaign On Mines Take Over

Malema recently visited the two countries to study the nationalisation of mines.

“The NEC received reports on the Nationalisation of Mines study-tours and appreciated the many lessons gained from Zimbabwe and Venezuela. The ANC Youth League is now more than determined in the struggles, advocacy for and campaign for the Nationalisation of Mines”.

“The NEC is also impressed with the intensive work branches of the ANC Youth League are doing in persuading branches, sub-regions, regions, and provinces of the ANC and alliance partners to support the nationalisation of Mines. Our perspective is broadening and more and more branches of the ANC are beginning to understand where we come from and where we are going,” the statement noted.

The youth league said its “Nationalisation of Mines study-group” will present to the ANC a comprehensive report on the “study-tours” once all countries that had been identified were visited.

“We appreciated the fact that the Nationalisation of Mines is on the agenda of the ANC and will be discussed in the ANC National General Council and National Conference in September 2010 and December 2012 respectively,” the youth league said.