Ancestral Wishes Bar Limpopo Family From Attending School

The South African Human Rights Commission (HRC) is intervening in a bizarre case in Limpopo.

A grandmother named Martha Modiba has barred her children and grandchildren from attending school.

The family says their ancestors forbid schooling.

In the Modiba family home, no one works and an old age and child support grants are the only source of income.

In line with ancestral wishes, two generations have not attended school and have been denied their right to education.

The HRC and social workers visited the family on Friday in the hope of getting the two younger children into school.

The others who are already teenagers say they have given up on finding work.

Limpopo Human Rights Commission representative Victor Mabhidula says while the commission recognises and respect cultural practices, it is unacceptable that children are made to stay at home and not get education.