Andy Brown Dies

He was 50.

“He died Friday afternoon at Parirenyatwa hospital after being ill since February 21when he came back from Sweden where he had gone to perform,” said his wife Madini.

He is survived by ten children.

“He got sick when he was in Sweden, although being sick he went on to perform at the gala but he was in severe pain. But Thursday the situation deteriorated forcing us to take him to Trauma centre before being admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital where he died,” said Madini.

“It was very cold in Sweden so he was affected by the weather. He died of pneumonia,” saidMadini.

Brown died as he was trying to revive his waning musical fortunes after years of singing the Zanu PF tune.

He lived his life to the fullest. Those who knew him would remember him as a carefree soul who most of the times drunk himself hard. He used to drink strong alcohol drinks which on several occasions affected his sense of judgement. He was forced off the stage last year while performing at the old Book Café/Mannenburg venue when he went on stage drunk and hurled profanities at his fans.

With his fame and talent on the wane he recently barred his soul to the media regretting why he had taken to singing for Zanu PF as his legion of fans started deserting him. Several of his fans who used to troop to his shows in the 1990s to enjoy his guitar artistry which made him one of the country’s most recognised musicians largely voted against him with their feet. They left him to play in empty venues especially when he started singing the infamous Hondo yeminda songs championed by the then Minister of Information Jonathan Moyo in 2000.

He will be buried in Mazvihwa Village in rural Mberengwa.