Anglican Church Clarifies 'Confusion'

“There is still a lot of confusion regarding the Diocese of Harare (CPCA) and the ‘Anglican Church in Zimbabwe’ also referred to as Province of Zimbabwe. We want to clarify this position to all our parishes and the members of the public so that our members can continue to congregate and worship God freely as members of the Diocese of Harare (CPCA) which is different, independent and has no communion with Dr. Kunonga’s ‘Anglican Church in Zimbabwe’,” noted a statement released by Gandiya this week.

“The Diocese of Harare, Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion with over 70 million members. It is not a part of the ‘Anglican Church in Zimbabwe’ or Province of Zimbabwe which was formed and headed by Dr Nolbert Kunonga.”

Gandiya noted that the dispute that remained between Dr. Kunonga and his Anglican Church in Zimbabwe and the Diocese of Harare CPCA centred on the properties that Kunonga took with him when he withdrew and was subsequently excommunicated from the Church of the Province of Central Africa and therefore the Worldwide Anglican Communion in 2007.

“This matter is still before the courts and we wait for the final resolution of the matter by the courts of law in Zimbabwe.”

On the issue of homosexuality, Gandiya said his church was opposed to the practise, noting Canon 22.5 states that: “The Church of this Province believes that marriage, by divine institution, is a lifelong and exclusive union and partnership between one man and one woman”. It does not encourage or approve same-sex unions or relationships.

Kunonga used the issue of homosexuality as an excuse to break away from the Gandiya led Anglican Church which he accuses of supporting homosexuality. Gandiya said in the statement that Kunonga’s allegations over the issue of homosexuality were meant to confuse members of his church. Gandiya said his church had the freedom to worship anywhere including under trees without fear of any harassment. On several occasions, the Gandiya led Anglican Church members have been subjected to harassment from police who have blocked them to worship.